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Maya Cosmos dried pineapple

Maya Cosmos dried pineapple

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Maya Cosmos dried pineapple 200g

Natural, without additives

Dried pineapple slices from the best fruits of the Escuintla region in Guatemala.

Maya Cosmo's Dried Pineapple Slices feature a perfect blend of sweet and sour notes.

Maya Cosmos Dried Fruits from Guatemala

Properly dried under constant supervision, the pineapple contains very little water. The processing is carried out conscientiously and with the latest methods to ensure the maximum quality of the dried fruit. In this way, the original pineapple taste is retained and the product is pleasantly al dente.

The harvest usually takes place once a year and extends over several weeks.

The professional pickers go from tree to tree, from pod to pod to select and collect only the finished and ripe fruit.

The fruits are washed with water under pressure, all kinds of leaves, dirt or possible pests on the fruits are removed and they are disinfected with a food-grade, natural-based disinfectant.

Then the entire batch is peeled piece by piece. The skin or shell is removed and dissected. The drying process is completed in the drying room by the supply of heat and air. Everything by hand.

! (May contain traces of nuts)

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